Here is a map of the world:

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Major Cities:

  • Evermore: The only major city inhabited only by witchkind. Seat of the Council (the Taryba) (Daniel Scratch).
  • Twynsits: Straddles a major river (Lessons, Master of the Tower)
  • Withring (Daniel Scratch)
  • Bryssi
  • Nworlons
  • Chiton

Notable Towns and Villages:

  • Carvendam: The nearest large town to Meadowside; notable for its carved-wood dam. Sits at a bottleneck canyon in the river. (Daniel Scratch)
  • Farreach
  • Lastpointe
  • Meadowside: The small village where Daniel Scratch is first Tested
  • Rushford (Daniel Scratch, Master of the Tower)
  • Westhead
  • Cuppton
  • Harbsmouth (Daniel Scratch)
  • Hook
  • Little Bay
  • Lakewood
  • Wisding
  • Sowsee
  • Baythwaite
  • Spurham
  • Taliesin
  • Northsea
  • Greens
  • Landshire

Notable Hamlets:

  • Fyngershire
  • Nek
  • Pese
  • Soloton

Other notable places:

  • Dismestoke's: The school, near Baythwaite, that Daniel Scratch had hoped to attend. (Daniel Scratch)
  • Thornwaith's: The school for "troubled" witchkind (Transfer Student)
  • Duocastella's: A school for witchkind (The True Language)
  • The Tower of Endings: Home base for the adherent of the Fifth Axis (Daniel Scratch)
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